RCPCH 2019

Along with Myrsini and Jethro at the RCPCH 2019 were Professor Mike Levin and Dr Aubrey Cunnington. Together they delivered “Bringing Personalised Medicine to All Children” which focussed on how personalised medicine approaches are likely to change the practice of paediatric medicine in the next decade. The symposium was attended by a very engaged audience and even thought time ran out, many stayed back afterwards to ask more questions.

Aubrey summed up the session succinctly saying, “both common and rare genetic variants determine susceptibility to infectious diseases...understanding genetics helps us understand why a child gets an infection and perhaps whether they will get other infections”.

It was great to see these EU-funded research projects receive so much exposure at these large international conferences and even moreso the great people behind all the hard work in reaching the project milestones. We look forward to the next one.

Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019

The Great Exhibition Road Festival happened over the weekend and what a festival it was! Thousands of visitors came to South Kensington for this two-day celebration of science and the arts. Researchers from the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Group, including many PERFORM2020 members, and the Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology in Electronic Engineering, joined the jamboree in the Malaria Zone in what was one of the best exhibits of the festival.

ESPID Conference 2019

European Researchers' Night in London

PERFORM2020 researchers dived in to the 'world wild webs' after hours at the Natural History Museum, London. The European Researchers' Night is another Horizon2020 EU-funded initiative and PERFORM once again, put on a spectacular display. Hundreds of museum-goers connected with the scientists as they discussed how important the PERFORM research is and what impact the diagnostic tools will have on not only the management of medical treatment, but on society and communities.

Agenda for the final stakeholder engagement event – Tuesday 29 June 2021

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Women of PERFORM and DIAMONDS23 March 2021

Following International Women’s Day 2021, we have showcased all the inspiring women who are part of PERFORM and DIAMONDS.