PERFORMing Live! Turning personalised management of children with fever into a reality.

The final stakeholder engagement event presented by the PERFORM consortium before its closure in June, 2021. 

Researchers, paediatricians and clinicians shared the major results of PERFORM which from 2016-2021, aimed to develop easy to use, personalised tests to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections in febrile children. Chaired by Chief Investigator, Prof. Mike Levin from Imperial College London, the full agenda in PDF is available to download.

Webinar: Novel approaches to distinguishing bacterial from viral infections: lessons learnt from PERFORM and next steps in DIAMONDS.

Originally held live on 18th November 2020, the PERFORM consortium in collaboration with their sister Horizon2020 project, DIAMONDS, held a stakeholder engagement webinar. Read the full article here.

Paediatric Infectious Diseases Team of Imperial College London @ Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019

The Malaria Zone was one of the highlights of the 2019 Great Exhibition Road Festival at Imperial College London (UK). The Paediatric Infectious Diseases Team along with colleagues at Electrical and Electronic Engineering took festival-goers on a journey through sub-sahara Africa learning about malaria and the latest tech in diagnostic tools that largely form the research in PERFORM2020. Check out the video to dive into The Zone.

PERFORM @ European Researchers' Night 2019

The European Researchers’ Night was an energetic festival of scientific exploration at the Natural History Museum in London (UK). PERFORM together with three other Horizon 2020 projects, EAVI2020, EDEN2020, and PRESTIGE-AF showcased their research in pop-up science stations. This video summarises the highlights from the night.