Academisch Medisch Centrum bij Universiteit van Amsterdam

Academisch Medisch Centrum bij Universiteit van Amsterdam

AMC completely integrates an academic hospital and a medical faculty into one organization. As an academic hospital, AMC is perfectly positioned to conduct both clinical and fundamental biomedical research that is of high relevance to patient care. A number of biotech companies (some of which are AMC spin-offs) are also located on the premises. The AMC has selected research themes in which it aspires to excel (in alphabetical order): Cardiovascular Diseases; Gastrointestinal Diseases; Infection and Immunity; Metabolic Disorders; Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders; Oncology; Public Health and Epidemiology.

Being part of the University of Amsterdam, the AMC together with Sanquin Research Institute has spearheaded immunohematology as major field of interest and excels in studies related to infection, inflammation, blood-related plasma factors, coagulations and clinical immunology.

Lead PI - Taco Kuijpers MD

Main tasks under the Project:

  • AMC will play a critical role in the Diagnostics WP2 on PERFORM
  • Will assist in determining specific rates of bacterial, viral and combined bacterial and viral infections in the children cohorts analysed by PERFORM
  • Will develop (together with MIC) novel antibody-based analysis tools on most promising biomarkers