bioMérieux is a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics for more than 50 years, its development has been driven by a pioneering spirit and unrelenting commitment to improve public health worldwide. bioMérieux is global IVD company that provides diagnostics solutions (reagents, instruments, software) in more than 150 countries through 42 subsidiaries and a large network of distributors. bioMérieux is world leader in microbiology and a major player in infectious diseases, through for example high medical value tests in immunology.

Within bioMérieux R&D, the global goal of the Medical Diagnostic Discovery Department (MD3) is to discover and validate clinically meaningful and medically relevant host and pathogen biomarkers having medical and financial impact on patients, healthcare system and society as a whole. This department works transversally with many other R&D departments within the company including the Innovation unit dedicated to new technologies that could serve diagnostic and patient care.

Moreover, bioMérieux forges partnerships across the globe to drive advances in diagnostics. By working with biotech firms, researchers, biologists and physicians, we remain at the cutting edge of the latest medical, scientific and technological developments. 

Lead PI - Alexandre Pachot, PharmD, PhD

Main tasks under the Project:

  • bioMérieux will be the WP leader for WP8 – Translation of biomarkers into prototype test for validation, for PERFORM