National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

The Second Department of Paediatrics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is currently based at the P. and A. Kyriakou Children’s Hospital is a tertiary care centre with about 380 beds including general paediatric wards (110 beds), PICU, NICU, surgical wards (general surgery, ENT, Orthopedic), Psychiatry Dept, Laboratories etc.

About 6,500 children are admitted each year to the general paediatric wards and about 40,000 children visit the Emergency Department for acute illness. The hospital is one of the two large public Children’s Hospitals serving a population of about four million in the greater Athens area and it also accepts referrals from other parts of central or southern Greece.

Lead PI - Dr. Maria Tsolia

Main tasks under the Project:

NKUA will play an active role in the activities of WP1, namely in the various complementary studies being carried out in the scope of this WP, i.e.;

  • Management and Outcome of Fever in Children in Europe (MOFICHE)
  • Biomarker Validation in the Emergency Department (BIVA-ED)
  • Biomarker Validation in Paediatric Intensive Care (BIVA-PIC)
  • Biomarker Validation in High Risk Patients (BIVA-HR)
  • Biomarker Validation in Inflammatory/rheumatologic patients (BIVA-INF)