University Medical Centre Ljubljana

University Medical Centre Ljubljana

University Medical Centre Ljubljana (UKCL) is the largest health care institution of the Republic of Slovenia and is ranked among the largest hospital centres in Central Europe.  It is closely associated with the Medical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana, the largest academic institution in Slovenia, as well as other medical schools.

In addition to offering excellent secondary and tertiary health care, UMCL performs intensive research activities within all major branches of medicine and conducts several educational programmes including undergraduate and postgraduate education for all medical profiles.

Department of Infectious Diseases is a key component of UMCL that actively participates in the management of patients as well as in education and research. The department has about 19.500 visits at the emergency department (7500 children and 12.000 adults) and 9.300 admissions (4.300 children and 5.000 adults); the vast majority is patients with febrile illness.

The Department of Infectious Diseases is well recognized for its research in the field of infectious diseases and comprises one of the leading European groups for clinical research of tick-borne diseases, including tick-borne encephalitis, human granulocytic anaplasmosis and Lyme borreliosis.

Lead PI - Franc Strle, PhD

Main tasks under the Project:

  • UKCL will mainly be involved in the activities of WP1
  • Will contribute to the successful undertaking of PERFORM’s clinical studies